About Me

The Hungry Trotter is a small attempt to capture my travel escapades, culinary journeys and anything interesting that I stumble upon, as I wander about exploring new places, restaurants, meeting new people and unearthing some unique experiences.

My day job is that of a communications professional. My evenings are spent unwinding at the new café around the corner and nights dreaming about the next place to check off my long bucket list. Travel is my pulse! Every time I’m back from one holiday, I’m already planning the next one.

I’m not a ‘visit 3 countries in 10 days’ kind of a person. I like to take my time to explore the hidden treasures of a place. Having said that, slow travel becomes difficult with a full-time job. So I try to take frequent breaks and go on mini vacations, or combine my business trips with leisure whenever I can. And instead of jam-packed itineraries, I pick one or few unique experiences that I would like to engage in a particular city.

A shout out to my fellow working professionals – I hope to inspire you to travel more, break out of your cubicle (read comfort zone), pursue your passion and somewhere along the way discover yourself!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your Instagram link on the blog is broken (under the stalk me at tag)
    It redirects us to https://www.instagram.com/@hungrytrotter/

    The ‘@’ sign needs to go.

    Superb blog. Continue exploring. xoxo


    1. Sunami says:

      Hi! Thanks so much for letting me know 🙂 It’s fixed now! Glad you liked the blog!


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