How safe is air travel amid COVID-19

Here’s everything you need to keep in mind if you’re travelling by plane amid the pandemic. I recently travelled by air on a domestic flight, so I thought I would put together my learnings in the form of a safety checklist for you all.

Photo by Elly Johnson on Unsplash

The Air Travel Safety Checklist

  1. Submit your health declaration and complete your web check-in prior to the flight.
  2. Check with your airline through social media/customer care on permissible baggage limits and no of bags. When I travelled, we were allowed only one hand luggage along with a purse and one check-in bag.
  3. Maintain safe distance in the queue at the airport entrance and for all other queues; your fellow passengers may not, so you ought to be more vigilant. Show your digital boarding pass and identity proof and enter the airport.
  4. At the check-in counter, complete your formalities and collect your boarding pass. Place it in a separate pocket or space in your purse and sanitize your hands.
  5. At the security check point, after the frisking and receiving your hand luggage, sanitize it using your disinfectant spray (especially, the handle of the strolley which you’re going to hold) and then sanitize your hands.
  6. At the boarding gate, you will receive a safety kit with a shield, mask, and sanitizer. Put on your shield and head towards the aircraft.
  7. Although, all airlines are thoroughly disinfecting their aircraft after every flight, you may disinfect your own seat, handles, seat belt before being seated for your own mental satisfaction.
  8. If you are assigned a middle seat, you will receive a coverall for additional safety.
  9. Keep your shield on at all times. Sanitize your hands if you touch something like the tray table etc.
  10. The airline provides packaged cold food. You may choose to eat it or carry your own food and eat the same.
  11. Upon disembarking and heading over to the conveyor belt for your baggage, disinfect your bag after collecting it.

All airlines are exercising stringent safety protocols and coupled with the above precautionary measures, there’s really no reason why you should be worried about travelling by plane. Safe landings!

Featured image photo courtesy: Photo by Farshad Rezvanian on Unsplash

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