A tipsy tale of dreamy cocktails

With yet another weekend comes the same old pressing question- what are your weekend plans? Bar hopping? Or a movie? Wondering if there are any different or fun things to do in Delhi over the weekend? Well, you can learn to make your favorite cocktails and work your magic behind the bar at Cocktails & Dreams, Delhi’s speakeasy styled quiet bar! A word of warning though- be prepared to leave high and heady as you drink your way through four concoctions across different spirits.

Cocktail workshop at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy

Mixologist and Founder, Cocktails & Dreams, Yangdup Lama was our facilitator for the day and we were all set to learn three classic cocktails and a Martini with a twist!

  1. Orange Caprioska (Vodka based)
  2. Whiskey Sour (Bourbon based)
  3. Paan Martini (Did you know the classic Martini is made with gin and not vodka?)
  4. Mint Julep (Bourbon based)

The cocktail workshop began with a quick round of introductions including our preferred poison. Yangdup engaged us with stories ranging from glass ware to origin of cocktails to new-age gins, making the overall session lively and interactive. Our workstations were neatly assembled with all the necessary bar accessories and ingredients.

Mixology workshop at Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy
All set to shake things up
Yangdup Lama Mixologist
Yangdup Lama on history and origin of cocktails

We started out with a simple cocktail- an Orange Caprioska- that required us to muddle fresh tangerine chunks till the flavor and aroma oozed out. And we slowly worked our way up to the Paan Martini which involved vigorously shaking our cocktail shakers like pro bartenders. I’ve always been fascinated by bartender theatrics and I was glad to have learned the basics.

Orange caprioska at Cocktails & Dreams
The classic summer drink: Orange Caprioska
Whiskey Sour at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy
Whiskey Sour sans the egg white
Mint Julep at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy
The refreshing Mint Julep
Paan Martini at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy
Desi Martini with paan undertones

There’s complimentary bar food doing the rounds so you have yummy food to snack on whilst you sip on your freshly prepared boozy cocktails. The workshop is well-paced and you can take your time to prepare your drink and indulge in it before moving onto the next one.

Bruschetta at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy
Bruschetta anyone?

Whether you’re a local or a traveler visiting the city, this is a great way to spend an afternoon either solo or with friends or as a fun couple activity. You learn something new and you can now flaunt your mixology skills at your next house party. Yay!

Whiskey Sour at Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy
Enjoying my Whiskey Sour

Cocktails & Dreams also does ‘Trivia Nights’ where you can get your game on and enjoy free drinks for every correct answer. For Delhietes who don’t want to trek all the way to Gurgaon, head over to Sidecar in GK 2 which is run by the same hospitality group.

The cocktail workshops are priced at ~Rs. 2000 per person (including two appetizers). You can check out the events listing or follow their social media handles for upcoming workshops!

Have you ever been to a mixology workshop before? How was your experience? If you head over to the one at Cocktails & Dreams or Sidecar, do share your experience in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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