Top 5 Instagram-worthy cafés in Mussoorie

Imagine sipping on a warm cuppa of hot chocolate with a book on a nippy winter afternoon with a lovely view of the snow clad Himalayas peeking through the Deodar trees. Or relishing a cake baked using an age-old recipe of the 1800s in a vintage café lined with Ruskin bond books. On your next trip to the Queen of the hills, don’t miss out on these top 5 restaurants to eat in Mussoorie and Landour which not only make for an enviable Insta feed, but also serve some delicious food!

  1. Café Ivy: A new addition to the Chaar Dukaan locale in Landour, this quaint café hits the sweet spot. A narrow and unassuming staircase lined with fairy lights and plants leads to a cozy den. The wooden interiors give a relaxed and casual vibe. The arm chairs by the fireplace, the community table with bulbs dangling from above, the corner table with a gorgeous view of the woods and the valley- this place is an Instagrammer’s delight. Dishing up delicious pancakes, pasta and Maggi, a lazy afternoon at Café Ivy is just what you need after a long and tiring walk around Landour.

Where? Char Dukaan, Landour Cant, Near SBI Bank

Damages? Rs. 1000 for two people

IMG_5430IMG_5411Snapseed (2)IMG_5425

  1. Landour Bakehouse: It’s somewhere in the early 1900s, and the eclectic residents of Landour including military doctors, nursing sisters, Woodstock staff have met at a social gathering on the hillside to exchange recipes and baking tips. Cut to 2019 and I am at a bakehouse gazing at a sepia toned menu of some of these recipes. The wooden décor and the Victorian vibe will transport you to a by-gone era conjuring up images of ladies exchanging notes at a communal oven. The smell of hot chocolate wafted by and I was immediately tempted. I paired it with Mary O Rice’s Walnut pie which was crunchy with a subtle hint of caramel. We also had a citrus-scented Marmalade cake. It was fluffy, not too sweet and just what you need with your afternoon tea. And of course, we picked up the Dehradun classic- a caramel stick jaw for the road.

Where? Shop 152, Sisters Bazaar, Landour

Damages? Rs. 500 for two people

IMG_5321Snapseed (1)SnapseedIMG_5403

  1. The Mudcup Café: A quintessential mountain café with quirky décor, the Mudcup Café offers lots of alcoves for your perfect Insta shot. Pick the cozy indoors or the outdoor seating overlooking the hills. Their lip smacking menu coupled with their board game collection is all you need for a memorable meal in the mountains. Their hot chocolate with a hint of strawberry is absolutely divine. Order the Bun Maska omlette if you hit this place for breakfast, and you will not regret it.

Where? Claire Mount Cantt, Landour

Damages? Rs. 700 for two people


  1. Emily’s, Rokeby: Rokeby Manor is known for its English style cottages, and its restaurant Emily’s also reflects the same colonial character making you want to snap every nook and corner. Book lovers can rejoice as Emily’s diverse collection neatly displayed in its antique book shelf will win over your heart. Pick up a book, sip your coffee and relax. The menu boasts an array of continental as well as traditional Garhwali dishes. The dessert spread is also irresistible, and we gave in to our temptation by ordering a Sticky Toffee Pudding- it was worth all the calories!

Where? Rokeby Manor, Rajmandi, Landour Cantt

Damages? Rs. 1500 for two people


  1. The Writer’s Bar, WelcomHotel, The Savoy: When you’re in the mood for a drink, head over to the Writer’s Bar at the iconic Savoy hotel. The bar pays a tribute to dignitaries from the literary world who have visited the bar over the last 100 years. Ruskin Bond is of course the most well-known literary connection with Mussoorie, but the wall adorning plaques of all the famous writers associated with Mussoorie and Landour make for a good Insta post. The bar houses some interesting books on the history of the town and the hotel which make for a good read.

Where? WelcomHotel, The Savoy, Near Library Chowk, The Mall

Damages? Rs. 1500 for two people


The usual suspects

Your trip will be incomplete without visiting the below iconic eateries known to serve the best street food in Mussoorie.

  • Lovely Omlette (Be prepared to queue up, as he serves everyone one at a time)
  • Chick Chock for fruit cream and hot chocolate
  • Chaar Dukaan for ginger tea, Maggi and pancakes

Which is your favorite place to eat in Mussoorie?

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